GranShell, Prayer Doesn’t Work…


Prayer doesn’t work. This statement came from my 7-year grandson who had asked his mom and dad for a dog before his 7th birthday.  He did not believe he would get it so I told him to pray. He did. Eight months later after receiving many other gifts that he loved but no puppy, he apparently gave up.

While driving home one day, he almost knocked me off my feet when he said “GranShell, Prayer Doesn’t Work”. Indeed his statement surprised me. It got me thinking. How many times we as adults become disappointed in the Lord’s seemingly unresponsiveness to our pleas for something we consider important to us? What my grandson did not know was that his parents were contemplating his request… but of course a dog comes with major responsibilities. These include considering the actual type of dog to get (one that was hypoallergenic); the cost to care for a dog including health insurance and such; whether he is ready to take care of the puppy, among others.

Doesn’t the Lord do the same? He is answering …but often He wants to give us the right things at the right time–when we are ready for it. We can think of examples like Moses. The delay was to prepare him so he took him away from pharaoh’s palace and sent him to become a shepherd. Later when he was ready, he used him to lead the children of Israel out of oppression. Joseph too was innocently sent to prison for a crime he had not committed. Joseph’s trials were divine in order to prepare him for bigger things. He later had the responsibility for the land during a major famine.

Today, may we have hope that the Lord is coming through for us some way, some how. Be patient …wait. He’s got you.

Blessings overflow,

God Will Make A Way…

Years ago when I was contemplating a big life change, I walked into a bookstore and asked the Lord to guide me. After about an hour browsing around, I saw the book “God will make a way“. The title alone spoke to me. Since then, every now and again, I return to the title for encouragement as I wait expectantly on the Lord.

Wait on the lord, He will come through.

Blessings overflow!

Joy Comes In The Morning…

My daughter’s 5-year-old son, ran into the kitchen where I was and shouted “its morning! Thank you, God, it’s finally morning!!” He was awake most of the night unable to fall back asleep after a weird dream. When he finally fell back asleep, he didn’t realize that the sun had finally come out 2 hours before. He was overjoyed!

How often our lives feel like the night will never end. Things feel gloomy, and no matter what we do, life never seems to change. But the bible teaches that joy comes in the morning. The morning will come. Let’s Take our nightly concerns to the only one who can change things.


Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning (Psalm 30:5).



Jacob Was Afraid. But God Had A Plan…

Jacob was Afraid to Go…but God had a plan.

I love Joseph! His brothers were mean to him. They sold him as a slave. But God had a plan. My focus was always on Joseph and how he loved and trusted the Lord. It meant everything to me throughout my life. Then a bible study that I attended opened my eyes to Jacob—Joseph’s dad; the mean guy. Jacob the deceiver. I actually disliked him most of my life. Why? He deceived his father and brother Esau in getting his birthright.

But later in life when he was old and grey, he longed for his son Joseph who he thought had died because his other sons had told him so.

Then, when the Lord finally opened the doors for Joseph, and he was in charge in Egypt, Jacob was asked to visit. But he was afraid. He didn’t want to lose his youngest son.

I never thought much about Jacob, who was a deceiver in his early life, yet was himself deceived by his father-in-law years later. He had to work 14 years to get Joseph’s mom, Rachel. No wonder he loved Joseph so much.

The point is, Jacob was afraid to go to Egypt because he could not see the future. Yet, God had a plan! When he finally gave in and went, he not only received back his youngest son, Benjamin; he also received back to life, his other son Joseph! Oh, how the Lord works if we only trust Him!

I walked away from that study thinking of how scared I am at times because I cannot see what’s around the corner. I can’t see what lies ahead. But through Jacob’s experience, my mind has been rekindled to trust the Lord who holds the future.

When you can’t see, obey and trust Him. He will work it out. Find out more about GreenLight: When God Says Go


The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. (Psalm 46:11)
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