The Answer For Those Troubled…

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that

Dr. Martin Luther King

Pop up alert busted through my work! tWitch, my beloved twitch was found dead in a hotel room. What? I blinked my eyes. Was I seeing right. Twitch? My twitch? Who in heavens name could have harmed ‘my twitch’? Second news alert. He did it himself! A single shot. Omgeeee you’re lying! That’s not true. How could they say that? He couldn’t have. Shortly after a note from his wife came with the words … they’ll dance. She will save the last dance for him.

Life’s Journey

Hours later, still in disbelief, a friend texted to share the passing of an ex co-worker who had suddenly died during a colonoscopy. What? Very few succumb to that procedure which is designed to check for problems before they arise. Subsequent chats came of a mom, a dad, an uncle who the deadly disease cancer had snatched away. Separate circumstances but just like my mom, sister and grandma, they had passed away. Their slow difficult suffering had ended.

The death of loved ones, friends and family cannot be avoided. But Daily reports of suicide ensue. Can that mental disease be stopped? Are there signs? Depression? Joy? Can it be avoided?

Jesus Is The Answer

Jesus is the answer. Personally, there are times when the going gets rough. It’s at those times that I run to the only one who can take over the hurts, the pains, the fears, the lack of understanding of why things happen. School shootings. Why take an innocent life? Why do children go astray? Families don’t talk. Relatives fuss and fight. Not to mention couples who fight. Divorce is popular these days where the common practice is that at the first signs of an issue society encourages individuals to separate… to take care of yourself. No longer try to work it out. Go live across the street. Live nearby so children won’t suffer ‘too much’.

What’s Wrong?

We scream and cry what’s wrong? Then the still small voice of the Lord quiets our hearts saying I am the answer. Jesus is the answer. Tell him your woes, your misunderstandings, your weakness, your fears.

Pray. Talk to him. He will see you through. He will provide the strength needed during the difficult times. It may appear through a song. A brief sign. A friend. But we must be in tune. We must ask. Through prayer and the help of a trusted friend who cares enough to seek help on your behalf work wonders.

Our hearts hurt together. May Strength and courage be yours through Christ. My heart hurts for you.

Beyond judgment. Accept Christ. Accept help.

Blessings overflow

Stay Connected…

By my computer I’m working feverishly. Being the responsible person that I am, I plugged in my cellphone to remain fully charged for when I’m not connected.

An hour later I checked to see the progress only to realize that though the cord was inserted in the phone, the plug itself was lying by the desk unit unplugged. I gasped.

The Great Connector

I pondered about my relationship with the Lord. Am I really connected? Or is my relationship lying unplugged? The incident reminded me to look internally. To examine the fruit of the spirit that I exhibit to others. To examine my faith. My habits and relationships.

I walked away with another learning gleaned from the Holy Spirit. He provides the Green Light and is my source of strength, guide, leader and my connector.

May this experience provide the tug to examine your own relationship with the Lord this Easter and always.

Blessings overflow.

God Doesn’t Keep A Clock…

I wish God kept a clock with my timing as priority. But He doesn’t. It’s in the waiting that we Grow.

Dr Shelly C

I could write a whole book on Max Lucado’s Quote that God doesn’t keep a clock. Personally, I wish God kept a clock with my timing as priority. But when I pray and ask his intervention, I have learnt to trust his timing.

Waiting Is Hard

I remember publishing my Research. After it was accepted by the JAABC, I was told it would be published in the Winter of the following year. Though it was long, I actually had a publishing date to look forward to. Contrast that with the birth of a child. A mom waits in the final weeks because the baby could arrive at any time. No specific date is given even when the doctor gives a ‘proposed’ date. The baby can still wait.

That said, life experiences prove that waiting is hard. It comes with the associated worry, fear, and riveting anticipation. We become impatient. But I have learnt to trust God’s timing. When we become weak and heavily burdened, we turn to the source of all things new. Our refuge and strength. Yes indeed, he is a present help in times of trouble. Let’s turn to him. Pray. Seek his guidance while we wait. One thing is for sure, he will come through for you and me. But only in his time.

Walk in the assurance that God’s timing is always right…and by the way… Pray while you wait.

Blessings overflow.

A Little Prayer For You…

A little prayer for you
May the lord wrap his loving arms around you.
May he take away your pain and discomfort.
May he provide joy deep within
May he grant you more good days than bad
May he grant you quiet solace.
May he always bless and keep you.

May He always Bless you in overflow

I Can Do All Things…

I Can Do All Things through Christ

It’s a mantra I teach my kids to Pray whenever the going gets rough. It might be a test. Fear. A challenge. An endeavor. Whatever it is, God is always here. He is always near. So just whisper whenever you feel like giving up or become afraid.

I can do all things
I can do all things
I can do all things

I can do all things through christ
I can do all things
Yes I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength

………(insert name) Can do all things through Christ

Blessings overflow

All The Time In The World…

This is what I'll do. I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, and there I will store my surplus

Overheard discussion with a professional medical personnel. The aged couple commented that they are getting up in age to which the young professional medical practitioner responded “that’s okay, we’ll be around for awhile”.

How do you know this to be true? Life’s not promised. Let’s be careful of our assumptions. Remember the guy who decided to store up and build barns because he planned to be around for a long time? He passed away that very night.

So think before you speak. No one knows the future.

Blessings overflow.

When You Can’t See, Trust Him…

Fear gripped me. A 2-hour journey turned into three as clouds stormed. The foggy skies were comfortless. Visibility was almost naught as the storm pounded. Headlights shone brightly as my hands held the car firm. My commute slowed as my heart panicked. I began to Pray. Then prayed louder with a shout and asked “what’s happening Lord?” Suddenly the rain slowed. Though it didn’t stop, I began to see. Alone, I praised as never before. Highway praise!

The Fog

Experiencing a season of storm in your life? Hold firmly onto our heavenly father. Pray without ceasing. When you cannot see what lies ahead, trust him. He will work things out for your good.

Blessings overflow.

Out Of Our Brokenness…

Jesus says to us, “Place who you are and what you have in My hands. Your broken life. Your story. Your frailty and your failure, your pain and your suffering. Put it in My hands. You’ll be surprised what I can do with it.” Jesus knows that out of our emptiness, He can bring fullness. Out of our weakness, He can reveal His strength.

Dear Jesus, take my “not enough” and make it “more than enough.” Take my pain, my failure, and my frailty, and make it something more.

Except from our daily bread. May you be encouraged.

Pexel Photo credit eberhard grossgasteiger

I Don’t Have Any Gifts…

What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.

I overheard a discussion between two ladies in the salon as they were listening to the song ‘bless the lord oh my soul… oh my soul, I worship his holy name…

It was being sung by a little child … hence the reflection on ‘gifts’. Anyway, it caused me to think about the gifts God provides to us. One lady said all I do is talk, gab a lot. I thought quietly… that in itself is in fact a gift. She can use that to become a speaker even in small group. She can use her gift of ‘gab’ to write a book, sharing her thoughts with others provided she will be positive. Personally I believe there is enough negativity in the world.

Discover Your Gift

There are many assessments available in the marketplace to help you find your gifts. Here are a few spiritual gifts for you to take a peek at:

  • Leadership
  • Encouragement
  • More popular envied
  • Singing
  • Acting
  • Administration
  • Wisdom
  • Faith
  • Encouragement
  • Mercy
  • Intercession
  • Discernment
  • Shepherding
  • Teaching
  • Hopsitality
  • Evangelism
  • Helping
  • Giving

Many quietly wish for the gift of singing, dancing, entertaining because those gifts are quite popular and can readily be seen. However, do you know that the more popular spiritual gifts often need support? Let’s take for example singing. Singers sing but often benefit from the gifts of songwriters. Movie-stars act but also need a script. And many others.

Be comforted to know that we need each other to soar. That’s how the Lord wanted it. Now go, find your gift.


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