The Answer For Those Troubled…

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that

Dr. Martin Luther King

Pop up alert busted through my work! tWitch, my beloved twitch was found dead in a hotel room. What? I blinked my eyes. Was I seeing right. Twitch? My twitch? Who in heavens name could have harmed ‘my twitch’? Second news alert. He did it himself! A single shot. Omgeeee you’re lying! That’s not true. How could they say that? He couldn’t have. Shortly after a note from his wife came with the words … they’ll dance. She will save the last dance for him.

Life’s Journey

Hours later, still in disbelief, a friend texted to share the passing of an ex co-worker who had suddenly died during a colonoscopy. What? Very few succumb to that procedure which is designed to check for problems before they arise. Subsequent chats came of a mom, a dad, an uncle who the deadly disease cancer had snatched away. Separate circumstances but just like my mom, sister and grandma, they had passed away. Their slow difficult suffering had ended.

The death of loved ones, friends and family cannot be avoided. But Daily reports of suicide ensue. Can that mental disease be stopped? Are there signs? Depression? Joy? Can it be avoided?

Jesus Is The Answer

Jesus is the answer. Personally, there are times when the going gets rough. It’s at those times that I run to the only one who can take over the hurts, the pains, the fears, the lack of understanding of why things happen. School shootings. Why take an innocent life? Why do children go astray? Families don’t talk. Relatives fuss and fight. Not to mention couples who fight. Divorce is popular these days where the common practice is that at the first signs of an issue society encourages individuals to separate… to take care of yourself. No longer try to work it out. Go live across the street. Live nearby so children won’t suffer ‘too much’.

What’s Wrong?

We scream and cry what’s wrong? Then the still small voice of the Lord quiets our hearts saying I am the answer. Jesus is the answer. Tell him your woes, your misunderstandings, your weakness, your fears.

Pray. Talk to him. He will see you through. He will provide the strength needed during the difficult times. It may appear through a song. A brief sign. A friend. But we must be in tune. We must ask. Through prayer and the help of a trusted friend who cares enough to seek help on your behalf work wonders.

Our hearts hurt together. May Strength and courage be yours through Christ. My heart hurts for you.

Beyond judgment. Accept Christ. Accept help.

Blessings overflow

A Prayer For The Sick And Hurting…

In all things we give thanks

When we don’t know what to do, Father you do.
When we don’t know what to Say, speak through us.
If silence is all we have, help us not to fear it but receive it.
Grant us comfort and strengthen hearts while we wait.

When we are far away from our ailing loved ones, you’re there. You’re near.
When we feel helpless, grant wisdom
When we are perplexed, grant clarity

Father, please intervene as only you can.
Please Quiet all hearts right now.
Grant comfort, quiet peace to the entire family’s anxious soul.
Intervene now Lord as only you can.
Please intervene.

Take care of the Ailing’s body and spirit
Take care of the family.
Take care of caregiver’s anxious mind.
We pray these things in your name.
Intervene Lord, intervene.
Intervene as only you can.

Rescue Me…

Rescue me lord, rescue me

Often it seems you take so long to come to our rescue but your timing is always right. So We’ll wait in you just as long as you want us to. We only ask this one question lord, that you’ll strengthen us while we wait expectantly because can’t do this alone.

But we know that you are our Safe Place and in you we trust all the day long.

The Thing About Depression And Suicide…

When all seems hopeless

My friend and her hubby deal with fatalities everyday. She shared an incident of a woman whose car was severely damaged when it crashed into a Guard rail. The woman reported that she was trying to commit Suicide. She survived.

On the other hand my friend’s hubby who is in law enforcement shared reports about a man who after investigation, authorities discovered it was attempted Suicide. He succumbed to his injuries and died.

A Pastor in his message recently shared statistics of the number of police officers who have committed suicide since 2019, in New York. An unbelievable rate of 24% as at mid-year.

Those Who Smile

I share this to ask prayers for those who SMILE or laugh out loud with us outwardly but deep down inside are hurting or depressed due to finances, job loss, relationships, or for one reason or another. Comedian Robin Williams is an example. Anthony Bourdain, celebrity author and travel documentarian is another. Not to mention the silent ones who go crazy with mass shootings of the innocent. All suicides. Sad indeed.

The Signs

WebMD shared these Behavioral warning signs. Read their complete article for further details.

    Excessive sadness or moodiness
    Sleep problems
    Sudden calmness
    Change in personality or appearance
    Dangerous or self harmful behavior
    Recent trauma
    Making preparations
    Threatening suicide

If you are among the depressed, please seek help. Using wisdom, if you recognize the signs in a Friend, relative, or co-worker, don’t wait. Do something. Get the person the professional help they need. Usually they can’t think clearly.

When all seems helpless, Pray

And while you’re doing all of the above Pray. Pray, and pray even more. Prayer changes things. There’s no doubt about that.

Let’s together do what we can in our small corner. But above all, Keep the Faith.

For God has not given us a spirit of Fear but of Power, Love and a sound mind.

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