Plugged in?

I was doing some house work which included some rearrangements. When I was done I plugged back in the computer, laptop and devices. Noting worked. I figured that the electrical surge protector had gone bad. So I went to get another. As I plugged it in, I realized that the previous electrical equipment was simply not plugged in. I gasped, rolled my eyes and connected it to the wall plug and voila! It worked!

Caused me to reflect on our relationship with the Lord. We may lead groups, build relationships and do all manner of things but if we are not plugged into Christ the source, then it makes no sense.

Today, I encourage you to check your spiritual connection. Are you plugged in? Are you reading the word, doing daily devotion? Praying? All these contribute to our spiritual development. Without them we are just going through the motion with no effect.

Stop and check your battery life . Don’t miss his GreenLight Plug back in and experience the divine power from above.

Blessings overflow

4 Reasons For Closed Doors…

Closed doors prevent mistakes. Just because a path is clear doesn’t mean it’s the one God intends for us to follow. Sometimes we won’t have the information we need to make a wise decision, so He blocks the way. The Holy Spirit knows the whole road map for our life, so we should follow Him.

Closed doors redirect our walk. God won’t leave a willing servant with nothing to do. Closed doors can result in better fruit, more satisfaction, and greater glory for Him.

Closed doors test faith and build perseverance. Waiting for the Lord is hard, but it’s a means by which we can learn wisdom, patience, and trust.

Closed doors buy us time. We aren’t always as prepared as we’d like to think. God may temporarily hold shut an opportunity for service until we’re ready.

These 4 reasons were written by Dr. Charles Stanley for our encouragement. Going through a challenge? Reflect on them and be encouraged while you wait.

The Influence Of Dying For Likes…

Do it for the Love and not for the Likes

Yep it’s real. People are physically dying for likes. Social media has changed the world. A self professed influencer lost her balance in an attempt to do a crazy jump. She passed away. In other news, in the middle of a category 4 hurricane warning for evacuation, a couple went deep into the seas holding onto a gorge to take a picture … for the likes. And there are many more

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Christ died for the ungodly. He willingly gave his life for you and me while we were yet sinners. We didn’t deserve that death but he did it anyway.

Let’s be like Christ and live our lives not for the likes but for the love.

Blessings overflow

In The Peace And Quiet Of Solace…

Goals are created in the peace and quiet of solace. I was reflecting on the different types of animals. Birds, insects, fish and those that soar. All creatures were created by our great big awesome God. When he did it, it was done in serenity when the earth was without form and void.

Yessss…And when it was done, he created man. The purpose? To enjoy his creations as told in Genesis.

As you go about making your own plans for today, tomorrow or the future, do it with God for only what’s done for the Lord will last. Find that place of solace for your goal. Spend time with the Lord as you dream and create in silence . Then come out and share with others the great things you have done.

What’s done in Quiet will be revealed

Let your light shine bright.

Blessings overflow

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