Pondering What To Do While Waiting On God? Here Are 5 Things…

Pondering what to do while waiting on God? Finding out the Lord’s will? We all have. When we examine the past we know that some grew impatient and did their own thing while others trusted and waited patiently. Here I share thoughts on both types while meandering into 5 things to do while waiting.

People Who Couldn’t Wait

Abraham and Sarah thought they were too old to achieve God’s promises. They ended up outside his will after doing their own thing. To their surprise when Abraham was almost a century (in his 90s) Sarah gave birth to a son accomplishing God’s promises.

Mary and Martha gave up on the Lord’s intervention to save their brother. He was too late. Lazarus had already died. But still the promise was achieved showcasing one of the greatest miracles of all time.

The Disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane fell asleep. Their bodies too tired to stay awake as instructed. Later they were to partake in one of history’s legendary fate. The death of Christ.

Then there were the People who couldn’t wait on Moses to return, and built a tower going against God’s plan. They succumbed to a life of misery.

People Who Waited

All is not lost as we have the people who waited. David‘s rise to the throne. Despite his many turmoils, he wrote many psalms while he waited. Dive in. Read. Be encouraged during your own periods of waiting, depression and delays.

Joseph suffered betrayal, harm, hurt, pain. He was even innocently thrown in prison. Yet was later elevated to lead a time of severe famine in Egypt.

Noah through turmoils, Mocking and embarrassment, stayed true to the divine instructions. He built an ark and participated in an historical feat so we could have a second chance.

Oh let’s not forget Job who lost his kids and his riches. If that wasn’t enough, he became increasingly sick. Yet in the midst of it all, he refused to curse God and die. He recovered and was blessed with abundance more than before.

Remember God’s timing is always right. Simply wait.

5 Things To Do While Waiting

1. Pray

Are you waiting on:

  • A job, Career change, or promotion?
  • Desire for a relationship, to get married?
  • Start a family?
  • Health improvement for yourself or loved one?

Then Pray. Talk to him about your needs, desires, and goals. Ask for guidance in accomplishing his will for your life

2. Listen

Listen for his response. Often we pray then walk away and when he responds in a different way, we even miss it because we’re either looking for a straight forward response or are too busy feeling sad, down and depressed.

Don’t be afraid of Silence. Listen. Just listen.

3. Stay Close

Stay close to the lord so you can hear his answer.

Dr. Tony Evans shared the analogy of when you are driving long distances and you move out of an area, you have to change the channel.

In the same way when you move away from the Lord because you may be Worried, afraid, or impatient, then you will find it difficult to hear his response.

4. Read the Word

Read the word because that is one way you will hear him speak. If you do not read then you will not hear and may miss his response. We hear his response through the bible, circumstances and in some cases through what seems like ‘coincidences‘. Personally I just love those!

5. Get Your Praise On

Praise Him in advance. That’s what David did. He praised God during times of waiting. He lamented …but in all he praised. Build in praise while you wait. It works wonders for your heart, your spirit, and your soul.

Let’s together Wait.

Blessings overflow.

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