Use What Is Left…

Arise, use what is left. So what if your joy isn’t what it used to be? Use what is left. So what if your desire is dampened? Take hold of what is left. So what if your power is almost gone? Seize what is left and be what God said you could be. Don’t let circumstances abort your dream. Release your anointing. ~T.D. Jakes

Those words spoke to me. T. D. Jakes shared instances of biblical characters to shed the light.

  • Samson after he lost his sight gave what he had left
  • David with Goliath and his stones gave what he had left
  • Paul after he was shipwrecked used what he had left to get to the shore …a simple board

So today if you’re going through stuff, take heart. Be courageous and use what you have left to accomplish your victory. Strengthen what remains.

On Becoming You…

Sometimes it looks like you’re going nowhere or that you’re headed in the wrong direction. I’m learning that the decision itself is rarely the point. The point is becoming more fully ourselves in the presence of God, connecting with Him and with each other, and living our lives as though we believe He is good and beautiful. The point is being honest about where you are and what you need and then looking around in your own community for people to walk with you and with whom you can walk. I spent years wishing people would support me only to later realize I was waiting around for something to come to me when I was perfectly capable of going out and getting it. I’m convinced God is less interested in where we end up then He is in who we are becoming. Whether we’re employed or unemployed, encouraged or discouraged, filled with vision or fumbling in the fog. More than anything, our Father just wants to be with us. The most common way He shows His “withness” to us is in the actual, physical presence of other people.

Emily P. Freeman, 
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